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La Fresco Caffè

Offering you the best in European taste Since 2011.

Our Food - Fresh, Local & tasty Leeton Riverina

European taste ~ Locally grown!

Much of our homely ingredients are sourced fresh from our very own or other local farms here around Leeton or surrounding Riverina areas!

In the Riverina region, we are known as 'The food-bowl'... for a good reason. We have an abundance of fresh local fruit & vegetables. Soo we think why not utilise this fresh produce!!

Our aim is to provide the safest & best tasting dishes by sourcing the freshest local ingredients and placing them into a plate encompassing the favourite flavours & dishes of Europe. Here's an example of where our food is sourced...

~ Fresh Local Produce!

The oranges squeezed in your glass OR the lemon/lime placed on your plate are harvest directly from our very own family grown local orchards here in Leeton at Hillview Citrus Pty Ltd. The orchard has tight quality control & HACCP approved practices in place so your safety is guaranteed. The standard and freshness can't be beaten. Once you drink a glass of our fresh orange juice you will understand why

The free range eggs used in a lot of our cooking are provided by Depaoli Farms in Leeton locally who provide completely guaranteed free range eggs to provide a much tastier burger & lunch.

Our Menu

Voted best coffee - in Leeton

Come in & taste for yourself, our modern range of:

  • Specialty breakfasts (8am-2pm)
  • European-style lunches (12pm-2pm)
  • Fresh fruit juices/smoothies
  • Homemade dessert, including Paleo & gluten-free.
  • Coffees, with Almond & organic Soy milk available

We bring you the best in European taste, straight from the Riverina!